tiger hour

by guilt mountain

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guitar / drums / bass / casio / piano / vocals / / / kate larson

recorded in my bedroom & the spare room at mulberry

send live snakes to p.o. box 1250, new paltz, ny 12561

thanks matt for all the wisdom & borrowed gear


released May 3, 2013



all rights reserved


guilt mountain New Paltz, New York

i'm pouring myself out everywhere, i just don't care


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Track Name: border troll
in the darker side of the parking lot
we didn't split our skulls wide open
and we barely even talked
but i promised you some gall
and you promised me a year
and my nerves are ten feet taller in the car
and in the driver's side of the pontiac
i piled up your things
and i spit them out the back

and it's a shame the way it works
when i can't figure out who's first
and there's eggshells all over my room
and i just want to tell you to go
Track Name: cinnamon queen
i can't sleep worth salt
you tell me it'll go away
but i think it won't
and i've got too much on my mind
and i make constant plans
to try and keep up with the person that you think i am
and i can break it down
and i will lay it low

and you can throw a mean fit
i've seen it follow you home
and when the mountains spill out
they'll say i left you alone
busy quelling the shocks
and now i don't even know
just draw the blood to my head
and slam my head in the door

i take the day off just to try and talk you down, just to shut it up
and you won't even move
and if i only knew just what she said to you
i'd let her sink & slowly slip away

oh cinnamon queen
black hole of a girl
just draw the blood to my head
and slam my head in the door
sand the edges clean off
we'll fall asleep on the floor
we'll rot our bodies out
and we'll never be bored
Track Name: ice wave
and there's a couple waves that crash against the door
of my home that's also yours
and i keep north to stow it all away
and there's a couple times we stood and stared it down
just thinking it might fall to the ground
but that's not how things work out these days

and all i wanna do today is touch soft things
& i'd hang out with you if you weren't so boring

and it's winter forever and i'll send it the best
of the rest of the year and the ice wave
i'm let down again even as i say
that dude doesn't feel a whole lot of ways
Track Name: lazybones
i chose the slapdash arms
never sated, never sorry
never sick or even prone to starve
struck gold: saying grace at your slightest sounds
lost to deep blue embankments
the climb is steep where you are small

and boy, you take up too much time
and boy, you take up so much space
and i swear i'm gonna straight-up lose my mind
if i don't push it far then further away
and you, you talk up so much shit
in a really small town and i'm sick of it
so my sighs stammer back and i'll say it again
you make it pretty damn hard to wanna be your friend

and i, i'll take it down to bed
boil it up and sieve it off instead
with a half caught-up free-willed stance
i'm not surprised to see there's nothing left
when things get sharp, my nerves just bend
bash back & forth and slip out the ends

and i will separate the brick from the rest
and you can wake me up i guess
Track Name: separation anxiety
you're one plane in & i'm gone to dogs
& i won't even try to wait it out
learn to get by on latent fumes at best
learn to play the drums even less and less
forget what i'd even do
if it ever felt less impossible

& i can't call you now
because you're an off-chute
and i sleep it off beside you
and i wait for the pounding to stop
and i rack my brain every time
i can't seem to keep it all down
with thick city coils and sunken cheeks
in the red for a room with a view at least for now

can't call it love if you track the mud in
four beds five beds six beds seven
would give up a lung for a kinder map
to fall at my feet in a few seconds flat
Track Name: auld lang syne
shut up about the way it ended
take a hint from how it started off instead
giving bad news to the waking dead
legs off weeping it's a real thing
there are pictures and i've seen em
barely enough to go around twice
to wrap up the globe tight
Track Name: weeds
what it says i'd like to retire
quit out all the emptying rooms
i haven't written you in a while
dear please know i've wanted to

fingers kept still and ties undone
from the homes i stay out of
since i can't spend time like that
if i had the time

i haven't seen you in awhile
dear please know i've wanted to
Track Name: cool yr jets
do you leave home much these days
i never see you on the street
you always had the nicest things to say to me
and i'd rather not count it as a wash

have you thought about the onslaught?
did you think to even write it down?
and i've given up on so much stuff by now
and it's enough to know this much
it doesn't have to feel so rough

and yeah i want you here
and yeah i want you everywhere
Track Name: moon
voice mail from angela d.